How does an elevator be safer than stairs in today’s time? 

Aug 02 2022

Don’t believe in horror movies. Elevator plunges that you witness in movies are all plotted and designed. It’s factually incorrect. Setting foot inside the lift means trouble-free vertical movement. 

There is a perception that the elevator’s cables will snap someday. It’s absolutely wrong.     

So, are elevators safer than stairs? Yes. Absolutely, as quality-driven lifts’ parts and accessories, including elevator safety set, car frame, L-safety, progressive type button clutch, top double pulley, etc. ensure the safety of passengers. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight about logical points that support the title of this blog. Furthermore, we will focus on the major lift safety part. 

Why should you trust the pulley-and-motor system? 

Lifts move ups and down with the help of a pulley-and-motor system. This clearly shows that there’s hardly any possibility of human interference with its operation. Sounds great! Design and elevator safety sets make it possible.    

Low injuries and casualty   

Despite the ever-rising numbers of lifts globally, the injuries and deaths related to elevators are very low in comparison to stairs.       

Accidents are preventable  

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. People get injured every day in so many ways. Most of the accidents are preventable. Accidents that occur in lifts are preventable and usually are the result of poor maintenance, and negligence. That’s why regular maintenance is important. In contrast, elevators are held and moved by strong steel cables. Accessories that are part of the elevator safety set prevent accidents.  

What about cable breakdown 

Even when a cable breakdown takes place, you don’t have to worry. Stay calm. The charismatic machine has been designed and engineered in such a manner that even if one cable breaks, it is not going to lead to any kind of jerk down or accident. Such things may happen in a movie. These things wouldn’t happen in reality. Elevators usually have four to eight times the number of cables, actually requires to hold the weight.  

As far as staircases are concerned, all it takes for an accident is a wet surface or an uneven step. It takes a few seconds, a small mistake and your favorite stairs become a dangerous path.   

Regular maintenance                  

In this comparative blog, it is important to take into account that lifts require proper installation and maintenance. Elevators are incredible machines. However, it shouldn’t be left like an orphan, on its own.  

Hire a maintenance service to provide 

Elevators are safe to use as they have been designed keeping in view various challenges of vertical mobility. Considering the safety of passengers and the shelf life of various tools and safety accessories, you are recommended to hire a lift maintenance company or engineer. Proper installation and maintenance must ensure flawless functioning of the elevator. Elevator safety set, Car Frame, L-Safety, Progressive Type Bottom clutch, Top Double Pulley, etc. should be handled by professionally qualified engineers and technicians with vast experience.   

Elevators are safe                              

According to industry experts, lifts are undeniably amazing. Don’t think twice to use. The mechanized machine is safe to use for vertical movement.     


Experts have proved that elevators are safe to use. Here, it is vital to share that frequent service and maintenance of elevators must ensure hassle-free, safe, and reliable service.     

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