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Jun 14 2024

The Role of Glass Capsule Lifts in Modern Architecture and Design Trends for 2024

In this era of the fast-paced world, glass capsule lifts are a blessing in disguise for people as the technology-driven machine enables people to vertical transportation, from one floor to another. You would agree that elevators are undoubtedly one of the terrific machines for modern architecture, leading to enhanced building aesthetics. Over the years, elevators,[…]

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Sep 20 2022

Grab the attention of customers with a glass capsule lift

In this era of a fast-paced world, elevators have emerged as an important machine for vertical movement. Elevators are also commonly known as lifts in India. The technology-driven machine is widely used for commercial as well as personal purposes.  Common types of lifts  With the advent of innovative technology , elevator manufacturers and elevator accessories[…]

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