A comprehensive guide on how to choose the right elevator for your hotel

While constructing a hotel, the only thing that one keeps in mind is providing an exceptional guest experience. To make guests have a great experience in your hotel, selecting the right elevator is a very important decision that is to be made. The scale of your hotel does not matter much, even if it is a large-scale establishment or a small one selecting the appropriate elevator is very important. People in this generation, while booking rooms in hotels, do check out if the property has an elevator. A proper selection of lifts according to the architecture of your hotel, will not allow guests to wait for long, making their experience exceptional. 

Selecting the right elevator involves various factors like capacity, energy efficiency, design, speed, and safety features. 

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The different sizes of hotel elevators to choose from

Understand the three different sizes of the elevators from which you can choose the ones that are necessary for your hotel. All three sizes have different functions to serve which are discussed below: 

  1. Standard Passenger Elevators

Standard passenger elevators have a capacity of 8 to 20 passengers at the same time. The capacity of this type of elevator is nearly 1600 kilograms. These elevators help transport guests comfortably on their respective floors and set a great impression in front of them. 

  1. Service elevators 

This is another kind of elevator that is more robust than passenger elevators. Service elevators are used mainly to transport housekeeping carts, large items like luggage, maintenance equipment and many more things. The weight capacity they can handle often goes beyond 1800 kilograms, which is much higher than passenger elevators. The interior dimensions of this elevator are also larger compared to other elevators. This elevator should mostly be situated in a less visible area, to ensure smooth service operations and privacy from guests. 

  1. Freight Elevators 

Large items, furniture, and various other heavy loads are carried using freight elevators. These are the best-built elevators. Having a capacity of more than 4,500 kilograms, they are essential for hotels’ logistical requirements and even for big events. 

After talking about the size, let’s now discuss the type of elevators that can be used in hotels. 

Different types of hotel elevator

Majorly there can be two different types of elevators used in hotels.

  1. MRL(Machine Roomless Elevators) 

These are also known as space-saving elevators and can provide modern building designs to your hotel. A separate machine room is not required for this type of elevator. This elevator provides installation flexibility which means that it can be installed in an existing construction and it also helps in energy savings. 

  1. Traction Elevators 

The second type of elevator suitable for hotels is the traction elevator. These elevators are much faster than and fit perfectly for mid to high-rise buildings. They are majorly used by hotels which go beyond 8-storey. Traction elevators can be both, with a machine room or without a machine room. 

Things to consider before buying an elevator for your hotel 

  1. Building height

For high-rise, traction elevators can be the perfect option, on the other hand for mid-rise buildings MRL elevators can prove to be cost-effective. 

  1.  Guest Experience 

Decide the guest experience you want to provide. One can even go with stylish elevators or touchless elevators to set up a great guest experience. Being the leading hotel elevator exporter, we help you connect with our reliable elevator door frame manufacturers, which will make your guest experience exceptional. 

  1. Space Availability 

Decide the space you want to allocate to an elevator in your hotel. If you have less space you can go with MRL if you have more space then you can go with Traction elevators. 

  1. Capacity requirements

Decide based on the volume of the guests that you expect will use the elevator at the same time. Service and freight lifts will be perfect if you want many guests to use the lift at the same time. 

How to determine the number of elevators needed for your hotel: 

After deciding the types of elevators needed, one further needs to think about the number of elevators their hotel needs. 

Deciding the number of elevators depends on various factors like the height of the building, usually hotels with more than 10 floors should think of having an additional lift to reduce the wait time for their guests, another factor can be the capacity of the hotel. If there is a high occupancy rate in the hotel, then having a single or lesser number of lifts than required can result in congestion. 

The type of elevator you are choosing for your hotel can also affect this decision. If the elevator you are choosing is of high speed and capacity then the overall flow of the traffic can be controlled. 


Consider all the fundamental requirements of your hotel and then decide the ones that fit best for you. At Lui Elevators, we ensure to provide you with the best quality elevators for your hotel. Being one of the leading hotel elevator exporters and also bungalow elevator exporters we assure you timely assistance, we assure you that the elevators will be available to you at affordable prices. We commit to excellence and complete customer satisfaction. Our expertise and experience help us to provide you with the best. 

Let us know your requirements and we will assist you in selecting the right elevator. 

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