Traction Lift Machine: Ideal For Residential And Commercial Buildings

Dec 29 2023

Traction lift machine is also widely known as electric elevators. Most of the lifts we come across, be it in a residential apartment or commercial building, are based on traction mechanisms.

Coming to their design and engineering, the elevator cabin car is pulled upward and downward by specially engineered rolling steel ropes over a grooved pulley. It is basically called a sheave. As far as its movement is concerned, the fraction between the hoist steel ropes and the sheaves is instrumental in moving the cab vertically.

Benefits of Installing a Traction Lift Machine Based Elevators

Why should you prefer a traction-based lift for your building? Why do people get inclined towards traction elevators? If you, look at the benefits offered by these types of elevators, you will understand, why people are motivated to prefer this type of lift.

Here are a few major benefits of this excellent elevator:

  • It offers a smoother and quieter riding experience
  • It is ideal for high-rise buildings 
  • Requires small-sized motor and control room 
  • Easily accommodates front and rear openings in different types of configuration 
  • It is power efficient in comparison to hydraulic elevators  
  • Gets higher speeds and covers longer distances vertically compared to hydraulic elevators    

In addition, building owners and managers, don’t have to remain worried about lubrication as traction lift machines don’t require lubrication. Consequently, it reduces any kind of threat perception that may arise due to contamination of oil and potential fire perception.       

Traction Lift Machine Suits Mid to High-Rise Building

There’s a perception that these types of lifts aren’t suitable for high-rise buildings. However, it’s a mere perception. Time and again, their worth has been proved. It is widely used in residential and commercial buildings (corporate towers, shopping malls, hotels, etc.).

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