Traction Lift Machine: Benefits For Buildings

Oct 21 2023

If you are a builder or an architect, it makes sense to explore and learn comprehensively about the traction lift machine, you are all set to install it in a building. How this type of elevator could be ideal for the building?

Understanding the Traction Lift Machine

These types of elevators are driven by alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) electric motors. As far as the movement of the cab is concerned, the friction between the hoist steel ropes and the sheaves makes it possible.

The unique design of such elevators provides them an extra edge over other types of elevators, especially when the lift is required for mid to high-rise buildings. These types of features make the traction lift machine a worthwhile investment.    

Energy-Efficient Elevator

The technology-driven elevators are energy efficient in comparison to hydraulic elevators. How? These types of lifts rely on a counterweight to move the cab, as a result electric motor doesn’t have to move further.

Superior to Hydraulic Lifts

Are traction lifts better than hydraulic lifts? Yes, traction lifts are easy to maintain as there are far fewer mechanical operations. At the same time, these types of lifts have no fluid systems. As far as the speed is concerned, traction lift machine is comparatively faster than hydraulic mechanism-based elevators.

Types of Traction Lift Machine

These are available in a variety of designs and features. Some of the common types comprise:

  • Geared traction elevator
  • Gearless traction elevator
  • Machine Room Less traction elevator

Conduct Due Diligence Exercise

Which type of elevator is suitable for your requirements? Before making a final decision, get in touch with a leading traction lift machine manufacturer and supplier. Enter into a dialogue with the manufacturer, and share your requirements. Due diligence is important before you eventually buy the lift for your building.

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