Important things, you need to know about home elevator installation

May 17 2023

Over the years, home elevators have become an integral part of residential buildings, like apartments, flats, bungalows, low-rise multistory buildings, etc. Residential elevators offer assistance in a number of ways, like assistance to those with limited mobility, develop ease of access between floors, and act as a design module to enhance the beauty of the home. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight a few important factors, every personal lift-for-home user must know.

residential elevators


Consider the convenience of physically challenged people while planning and installing the elevator in your building. At the same time, elderly people’s convenience should be considered.

Lifts help them access different floors without aging-related issues, like joint pain. With the availability of a lift, elders have access to all floors of your building. Thereby helping family members in maintaining family relations. As a result, many people consider personal lift for home as a medium to bond with people.   

Identify the location

Whether you are planning to install residential elevators for new or existing construction, you should identify the best location for installing the elevator, be it in a flat or an individual bungalow at a prime location. 
In this regard, you can connect with the architect of the building or your home. Even your builder can help you with this. However, don’t take a decision without consulting a building planner or architect. These are professionally qualified people with immense knowledge of elevator installation.

Do you have enough space to install the lift?

Before you place an order to buy the lift, it is important to determine whether you have sufficient space to install the lift. Remember residential elevators enhance the beauty of your house, therefore, it makes sense to choose the space which is naturally apt for the lift.

Space issue?    

In case, your building is short of space, take expert advice. Don’t take your own decision. Older or smaller homes offer a few challenges to elevator installation. According to experts, if you have little space or are short of space, you can choose a shaftless or MRL (Machine Room Less) elevator. In this connection, you can connect with a famous bungalow lift in India.

Installing the personal lift for home

Let’s now shift our focus to the installation element. Most elevators require a pit of around 8 inches. Besides, the technicians must ensure that the shaftway must have adequate structural support.

It has been observed that spaces around the stairway are often easily adapted to accommodate a home elevator. Personal lift for a home requires expert advice. Don’t take a one-sided decision.

Consider your garage

Even your garage can accommodate the residential elevators. Yes. That’s true. Your garage can accommodate the installation of a hoistway. Even your parking space wouldn’t get affected.

How does it help? Personal lift for home allows safe, quick, and efficient space from your car to the home elevator.

Focus on quality

The elevator is a sensitive subject. Precious lives use elevators. Therefore, it makes sense to consider quality. Only buy an elevator from leading residential elevator manufacturers.         


We hope this blog on residential elevators will expand your knowledge about residential elevators and the important factors, you need to know about home elevator installation.  

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