Top reasons to choose the MRL lift and Benefits

Dec 13 2021

For an ordinary person, (Machine-Room-Less Lift) MRL lift sounds like a new word. However, for those who are directly or indirectly working in the lift manufacturing industry, it is a familiar word. In this short blog, our priority will be the importance and functioning of this incredible lift.

Before we move forward, let’s make efforts to understand the machine in common man’s language.

Learning about the MRL lift and benefits

MRL Lift

What is an MRL lift? The machine is either traction or hydraulic elevator (Goods lift). It is suitable to operate and function without a machine room. Since the machine is without a machine room, it is widely famous as a Machine Room Less elevator. In abbreviation form, it is called an MRL lift. This means that these types of lifts work in the absence of the machine room being installed atop the hoist-way.

Location of the machine

As far as the installation is concerned, the machine can be installed at the bottom of the top sidewall. It is capable to sync with traditional induction motors or gearless synchronous motors.

MRL lift and Benefits for industries and residential buildings

Readers, let’s now move on to the most important section of the blog. In this section, we are going to focus on the advantages of the lift.

Requires less space

These kinds of lifts are sleek and compact in design. Therefore, requires less space to install and operate. In many buildings, space challenges are there. These lifts have been designed to overcome these challenges. Also, since it is simple in design, installation, and commissioning are also simple.

Saves power 

These types of elevators consume less power during operation, use up to 40% less power. In this sense, they help the management of the building to reduce operational costs. Many societies and buildings are worried about the operational cost of the machine. This device is ideal in this context. In addition, the machine releases a lesser amount of heat, consequently keeping the environment cool.

Less cost of maintenance

The technically sound machine requires less cost of maintenance since these machines don’t require any kind of oil for operation. Even you don’t have to worry about leakages. Forget about oil spills.

Safe & reliable

The safety of passengers is a must. There has to be no compromise on that. Experts say the MRL lifts are safe and reliable. And also offer smooth operation. As an owner of the flat or a builder, what else do you expect from a lift? These are as comfortable as the traditional overhead traction elevators. No worries.

Rising demand of the machine room-less elevator

Over the years, the demands of these lifts have witnessed a substantial rise. Today, MRL lifts are being preferred over hydraulic lifts. The reasons are obvious. Another solid reason why people are swiftly moving towards these lifts is greener technology.

Custom-designed lifts

MRL Lift Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is working towards innovative designs. A few have developed the capabilities to deliver custom-made designs. If you have a specific requirement, you can connect with these select few. Their expert team of engineers and technicians will design an ideal lift for your business that meets your specifications.


Choosing the MRL lift is going to be a brilliant decision for you. So, if you are planning to install a lift in your building, don’t think twice. Just choose this one. You wouldn’t repent, that’s our commitment.

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