Elevators door header: Benefits and features

Jan 09 2023

In this elevator-centric blog, we are going to highlight the importance of elevator door header and door frames. We will also focus on how elevator door header manufacturer is driving benefits from the latest technology. 

Why do you need to buy quality door frames products?  

Before we take a deep dive into the subject, it makes sense to learn about the quality and why it’s important to focus on quality. Quality standards refer to a set of guidelines, systems, methods, requirements, specifications, etc. followed by reputed organizations to ensure consistent quality deliverables, be it a product or service. Also, every industry has its own set of standards and compliance. For example, the pharmaceutical and elevator industry. In addition, leading companies have their own quality policy and standards.                        

Innovative technology helping elevator manufacturers    

With the advent of innovative technology, elevator and door frames manufacturers are offering some of the best solutions to customers, civil engineers, architects, builders, interior designers, etc. even for the most challenging and technically demanding projects. Such has been the influence of the advanced technology that they are competent to manufacture any type of elevator accessories, ranging from standard to tailor-made automatic doors for different types of elevators, both for people and goods transportation in skyscrapers, residential, civil, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as in hotels, hospitals, and cruise ships.                         

Quality assurance      

Leading manufacturers are continuously improving the working mechanism and quality of the lift components, including door frames so as to offer the end user the best possible solution along with safety and comfort. Leading companies are working on tailor-made solutions by combining technology, functionality, security, comfort, and innovative design solutions. 

Salient features of quality door header and door frames    


According to industry experts, quality door headers by an elevator door header manufacturer for high-speed lifts must demonstrate high adjustability, reinforced and high-performing components, panels, and headers along with low noise emissions. 

Suitability to lift 

The door header and relevant accessories should be designed, manufactured, and modified according to the type of lift and its application. The Series of variables to be considered include openings, resistance to wearing of the door parts, opening and closing times, and weight of the panels. These all factors play a significant role in the overall performance of the lift. 

High-speed and commercial lift     

Elevator door headers by a famous elevator door header manufacturer must be adjustable to high-speed applications essentially in commercial high-rise buildings with high traffic flows. The product in discussion and other components must guarantee seamless performance along with safety and comfort.  

Adherence to safety standards    

In lifts designed for high-rise buildings, the doors play a key role since they are the device that provides safety to people, and impact the whole performance of the systems. Therefore, the door system should perform function seamlessly, providing safety and comfort to end users, whether they are in a residential building or in a commercial building.   


If you are planning to buy door frames, consider all these vital factors before eventually buying the elevator door header froma famous elevator door header manufacturer. We hope this blog will expand your knowledge and insights about the importance of quality.

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