Commercial Lifts: Types And Applications

Sep 12 2023

Over the years, commercial lifts have assumed substantial significance. Many of us have been used to using elevators in our day-to-day lives for various reasons.

What is an elevator?

In simple words, a lift is a technology-driven machine that is used for vertical transportation. The machine is redefining vertical transportation by offering safe and comfortable vertical transportation, be it in a residential building, commercial tower, hotel, or hospital.

This short write-up is going to focus on commercial lifts, their types, and applications.

Types of commercial lifts

There are different types of commercial elevators, Some of the common ones include:

Passenger traction lift

As indicated in its name, it is particularly designed to carry passengers from one floor to another. Since designed for passengers, such lifts are appealing, luxurious, and safe for vertical movement. These lifts are available in a variety of designs, features, and capacities.

Goods lift

This is again an important category of commercial lifts. As suggested by its name, these types of elevators are designed for transporting goods vertically, from one floor to another. Hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, commercial towers, etc. are equipped with these lifts.

Low pit lifts

Low pit lifts are similar to traditional passenger lifts, including sliding doors and a one-touch control panel. What sets this lift apart is its ability to be used in different environments, including retail stores, offices, schools, institutes, shopping malls, multiplexes, etc. 

Dumbwaiter elevator

These types of commercial lifts are similar to goods lifts. However, these are much smaller and are primarily used for vertically transporting small loads, like books, and food items, among floors.  

Every category is purpose-driven. Choose the lift according to your requirements. Custom-designed commercial lifts are also offered by a few prominent lift manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India!

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