Choosing the best elevator accessories for residential elevator  

Dec 06 2022

It’s not at all surprising when we say that the interior of an elevator is often an overlooked aspect of residential lifts in India and overseas alike. A lift in your residential building is more than just a transportation tool. How? We tell you why, it is where your friends and relatives develop the first impression when moving vertically by using the lift to reach your flat. Don’t you think so? That’s quality accessories of the lift assume significance. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight about a few major lift accessories that enhance living and left a brilliant impression on visitors. 

A classy mirror gives an enjoyable riding experience to visitors                      

A brilliant quality mirror placed inside the elevator cabin enhances the experience of friends and kin paying a visit to your home on a holy occasion in your society, for example, Diwali and Navratri. Placing a mirror leads to many other benefits. Due to their optical illusions, mirrors considerably minimizes claustrophobic emotions that occur when stepping inside an enclosed cabin.           

It’s not over yet, the mirror complements well with other accessories in a cabin, like stainless steel handrails, leading to an aesthetically pleasing riding experience for your close kin. Sounds exciting!  

Make your visitors feel safe with handrails  

By installing premium quality handrails in your bungalow elevator, you can ensure a comfortable ride for all those who are vising your bungalow, especially those who are physically challenged and require accessibility support. How to install the handrails inside the lift cabin? How to install it and where to install it? You don’t have to worry about it. Let residential elevator accessories manufacturers and suppliers look into these subjects. Handrails also act as an additional layer of protection in your residential lift.    

Consider using light diffusers 

This is again a brilliant accessory for residential building lifts, like flats, multistory buildings, farmhouses, etc. Excessive and harsh lighting can turn your lift’s cabin into an unwarranted space. How does a light diffuser be beneficial? By installing light diffusers on cabin lights, you are actually creating a pleasing ambiance inside the cabin. Your visitors would love to experience the warmth.

For the unaware, diffusers are light covers that minimize or soften the harsh or overly bright lights, leading to the creation of a pleasant ambiance.   

Install voice output 

The voice output is again one of the important elevator accessories in a residential lift.  This allows visitors to recognize when and where they are about to exit. The technology-driven system floor numbers and door actions. Your friends don’t have to look at the display board to know which floor the lift has just reached.   

Add style and elegance with designer doors and door frames      

One of the first things your friend or kin will notice when visiting you on a sunny afternoon is the design and appearance of doors and door frames. Therefore, it makes sense to add beauty to your residential lift by installing premium quality doors and door frames with a touch of elegance.     


Your bungalow is a special place wherein you stay with your family. Never compromise with the quality of accessories. After all, you want to enhance the experience of your friends and visitors.

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