The elevator market shows positive growth

Jul 02 2019
According to are liable latest market research, the elevator and escalator market in India is heading towards positive growth. It is set to grow by US$ 522.84million during 2021-2025. It is expected to register a CAGR of around 9%. This data demonstrates the growth in construction and infrastructure. Overall a brilliant sign for the Indian economy. The current scenario presents a rosy picture of the industry. High-speed metro projects are pushing the growth Over the years, the number of high-speed metro projects has risen. Government is committed to further elevating the projects, leading to a rise in demand for lifts and escalators and a wide range of lift accessories. Lift accessories suppliers in Ahmedabad, India are brimming with confidence as the sector offers immense growth opportunities for small and mid-size manufacturers and suppliers of lifts and accessories. Many new players are entering the market, while established players are making endeavors to strengthen their company’s reputation. Growth may be slow, however, the rising disposable income and positive economic growth offer plenty of growth opportunities. Whereas, rising repair costs and maintenance are anticipated to hamper the growth. Rising demand will help strengthen the businesses of the lift accessories supplier in Ahmedabad. Main accessories of a lift A lift in simple language is a technology-driven machine that helps passengers and goods to move from one floor to another. It’s a sophisticated machine. Technology and make may vary from company to company. At the same time, industry-specific machines are also there that cater to specific industries or sectors, including residential lifts, hotel elevators, and hospital elevators among others. The major accessories of an elevator comprise: Cabin car This enclosed section is one of the main parts of the elevator. It holds great significance as it has space and facilities for the smooth ride of passengers. Cable rope It is a sturdy cable that supports the car and pulls the passenger cabin. As far as the number of lays is concerned, it depends on the load and speed of the machine. Elevator machine About the elevator machine, a traction machine is integrated with all elevator equipment types. As far as its components are concerned, a typical traction machine comprises:
  • Motor
  • Drive
  • Sheave
  • Brake
  • Machine bedplate
When the sheaves turn the hoist ropes over the drive sheaves and move the cabin car through the hoist way. Controller unit A controller unit, as the name suggests is a brilliant system to control and manage the elevators. Their make depends on the type of lift. It could be manual or automatic. The drive unit It’s a rule of thumb, everything that operates through electricity has a motor attached for smooth operation and functioning. It is driven by sophisticated VVVF drives. The counterweight The lift car balanced using a heavy counterweight. According to industry experts, it weighs equal to the weight of the car when it has a load of around 50%. What does that mean? The weight of the car along with around 50% of the total weight capacity of the lift. Speed governors It’s a sophisticated system that is meant to govern the speed   The safety brake What if the cable snaps? Just stay calm. The sophisticated machine has been designed in a way that even if the cable snaps, integrated safety systems will come into play and thwart a lift from crashing down to the base floor. In addition, there are plenty of other important parts. Let’s collaborate Lui Elevators is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of excellence-driven Elevator Accessories, Elevator Cabin, Elevator Traction machines, and many more! Driven by the vision to offer flawless elevators and allied accessories, we embarked on a journey in the year 2012. Within a short span of time, buoyed by the trust demonstrated by clients, we have created a niche in the market.

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