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Glass Capsule Lift

The Glass Capsule Lift is a design wonder with luxurious interiors, large transparent glass panels facilitating visitors to experience a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

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MRL Lift

Lui Elevators’ Machine-Room-Less Lift (MRL Lift) is testimony to our commitment and steadfast resolve to deliver excellence-driven mobility solutions.

MRL Lift
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Traction Lift

Our range of modern elevators is ideal for applications that require rapid speed, continuous travel, and heavy lifting capacity.

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Welcome to the Lui Elevators

Connecting people using lift technology…

Driven by the passion to connect people and enhance the flow of life, we began our journey. We understand the importance of the flow of people in and between buildings.

Capitalizing on our brilliant professional experience and expertise in the domain of elevators, we are making people’s journey cutting across social strata convenient, reliable, and comfortable.

Our Vision

Driven by Vision

We connect people and enabling them to succeed in a world driven by technology and innovation!

Our Mission

Customer Oriented

To be a quality-driven, customer-focused... prominent company of India!

Our Team

Amazing Team

Provide time and tools that help our team members support the causes and community groups they care about most.

Manufacturer & Specialist in Cabin, Car frame, Doorframe, Telescopic door & Auto door etc.

Industrial Use

Our business-centric elevator range is being used in



Excellence-driven Hospital-centric lift solutions to enhance reliable mobility!

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An astonishing range of Lifts magnifying the splendor of corporate towers!

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Designed toprovide seamless mobility solutionsfor a wide range of industries!

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Blend of technology and innovation addinggrandeur to interiors!

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Innovation-driven lift solutions enhancing the magnificence of the building!

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Enhancing safe and reliable mobility combining engineering with innovation!

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Happy Customer



Our Products

An amazing solution for all elevators need!

Our Company News

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April 25, 2023

Benefits of installing a Glass capsule lift at home

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